Matt Cobb

By: Matt Cobb




How do you retain your best Peer to Peer finance sales talent – does your organisation provide a Professional Development Plan?

Peer to Peer or Alternative finance companies are recruiting sales talent at break-neck speed. After 3+ years now of rapid market evolution, the first wave of ‘2nd jobbers’ within Peer to Peer are showing themselves.

The Fintech sales recruitment market is now starting to see early employees in the initial P2P start-ups looking at new options. Typically these candidates have been in post between 1.5 and 3 years.


There are many drivers that motivate career moves. However the P2P market throws up a fresh set of challenges. Intensified competition with on-going new to market start-ups, and rapid shifts in strategy can create skills gaps. In addition, the ever changing technology landscape is constantly redefining roles and how they fit into organisational structure and future shape.

Changes such as these within the evolving P2P sector are regular and potentially put your sales workforce at risk. Many employers within P2P are now seeking tailored career and succession management solutions that motivate sales staff whilst delivering visibility into the workforce.

Centralising your talent profiles and investing in a Professional Development Plan allows you to understand and develop the talent you have, as well as anticipate any needs.

Engaging in collaborative career planning with your sales staff also creates a sense of self-worth which reciprocates into more loyal employees who feel they are invested in.

Being an employer that offers career development (and backs up the term) is also a highly effective benefit to prospective employees – a great way of being the go to employer rather than the one people want to leave.

Sales Point Recruitment are Fintech specialist and partner many clients with Peer to Peer Finance. We have worked with start-ups and established organisations on Career development guidance for their sales force.

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