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12 Steps to recruiting sales talent within Fintech

12 Steps to recruiting a sales talent within Fintech

The Fintech revolution continues to boom and hiring is rife particularly for high quality sales talent. Competition is fierce for any ‘hot’ candidate as demand outstrips supply and sales candidates are spoilt for choice amongst growing Fintech organisations trying to secure their services.

Whether you’re a start-up looking to build your sales team or a more established player in this relatively new market it’s key the correct steps are taken when embarking on a new sales hire.

Here’s a 12 point guide to support a successful process:

1.Is the role signed off – if not get it, and don’t risk wasting yours or your candidates time

2.Ensure you have a set budget in mind – build in some contingency to protect yourself from competitor/counter offers

3.Define the role, understand how it fits into your business and make sure you are selling the actual role that the successful candidate will be happy with once on board

4.Take some time to create a comprehensive Job Description that is clear and informative

5.Understand your proposition, over and above the role itself – sales candidates buy success stories

6.Confirm your hiring budget – this should include considerations such as direct marketing, agency fees etc

7.Prioritise the hiring process – gain buy in and diary commitment from all hiring managers and decision makers required for the process

8.Ensure your recruitment process is robust and engaging, your competitors will do

9.If recruiting directly, allow ample time for response handling and shortlisting

10.Set a shortlist target of 4-6 candidates, with a view to take 2 to final stage. 3 interviews is enough, don’t drag the process out and risk withdrawl

11.Include a presentation stage in your interview process, typically with the candidate pitching your proposition to a prospective client

12.Once the role is offered, track the candidate through to contract signature. Counter offers and other opportunities will still be a threat to your official acceptance!

If you have effectively planned these steps your process will be remarkably less stressful, and above all you will win candidate interest and engagement along the way. Stand out from your competitors when recruiting your next sales hire..

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