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Graduate Hires VS Experienced Hires

If you’re looking to expand your workforce in the near future then you’ll most certainly come up against the problem of experience VS inexperience. So, let’s have a look at it from both points of view to decipher what might be your best bet.

Experienced Hire –

When looking at bringing on someone with more experience, there will always be plus and negative points. Here is the argument –

  • -Someone who has been in sales already will have an affinity to the sales environment. There technically they should be less of a risk.
  • -The candidate will already have the motivations needed to succeed in sales. There ‘shouldn’t’ be a need to interview for this particular reason.
  • -As they have already been in sales, they are more likely to command a higher salary than a fresh graduate.
  • -Having been trained at their previous company, or companies, an experienced candidate might have been trained with bad habits as well as ‘think’ that his method is better than other methods, making him/her extremely difficult to train.
  • -His previous roles might be littered with underperforming figures, therefore, is this experienced candidate any better than a fresh graduate?
  • -There might be suspicious reasons for this experienced candidate leaving the role they had beforehand.
  • -If they have had multiple roles before this, are they a job hopper and how can you be sure they are willing to commit in the long term?

Graduate Hire –

Graduate hires will always bring a new dimension into a business than it would with a more experienced hire. Here are the plus and negative points –

  • -Bringing a graduate in, you will always have a hungry and driven individual who is willing to put the long hours in.
  • -As their salary will be smaller, you might be able to bring in a couple of fresh graduates instead of an experienced hire, potentially maximising potential output of sales.
  • -This graduate is a blank slate of knowledge, meaning that you can mould the graduate and train them how you would like. It’s much better if you have a different way of selling.
  • -Millions of graduate exit university every year, therefore it’s extremely easy to find a good graduate, than it could be to find a good experienced candidate.
  • -It’s fairly easy to gauge a graduates motivations. Looking at their previous work history, you can see whether the individual is driven or money motivated.

Looking at it from the outside in, it seems that hiring a graduate can be more fruitful in the long term than an experienced hire. Backing this up, large organisations will generally have a large graduate intake due to the fact that long term, the graduates end up becoming leaders in the company. For a small fee an organisation might be obtaining a future leader and revenue cash cow within their company, this is the truly priceless facet to all graduate potential.