Jamie Beaumont

By: Jamie Beaumont




Why do graduate sales people fail?

It’s been a long and tough process at shortlisting down the graduates you’ve interviewed into the graduates that you’ve eventually employed. After a strenuous and expensive process, it’s important that you now have a graduate who is going to prove a success and add to your sales figures. A huge risk lies in the graduate underachieving or leaving the role within the first 6 month, so how can you combat this?

Firstly, let’s not forget that by employing a graduate you are essentially employing somebody without any previous record of success in the sales industry. This means that pressing factors in the role such as KPI’s, targets and rejection are all new to this individual. To place someone in this environment without the adequate training and preparation would be planning this individual to fail. To further this issue, as a manager in the office, you’re also targeted to add as much revenue to the business as possible and therefore taking time out of your day to train a graduate could be detrimental. By failing to train your graduates extensively you’re potentially risking losing them early or even alienating them into thinking sales is too harsh an environment for them.

An easy yet time consuming and expensive solution to all your problems would be to create a fantastic, structured training scheme. One that a graduate can abide by and learn from throughout their days on the job as well as being able to run it by their managers and use it on the job as well as in classroom. Removing your graduates from the office to train them elsewhere wouldn’t help as you’d miss one weeks’ worth of integration and therefore one week of bespoke experience towards your particular product. To properly train a graduate, you’d need to build a foundation training course that can be integrated into your graduate’s working days. This would allow you to oversee the graduates training, whilst allowing you to continue your own job in the office at the same time. Furthermore, having an online training system will allow your graduates to re-work through certain modules where they could be struggling.

As a recruitment agency we feel like under trained graduates are 70% more likely to leave within the first year of employment than fully trained and support graduates. Your time as a business is priceless and therefore having a pre-made, world class training scheme would save the company hours of training as well as creating a consistent training outlet throughout your future employment.

We’ve always found that working with training providers who offer a product used by billion dollar companies to be the most successful. Sales Point have recently teamed up with the training providers who have created bespoke training simulators to both Cisco and Intel, allowing a graduate to broker a $1million deal whilst he was working through a training module. This kind of proven training course can give your graduates all the foundation knowledge they need to kick on and create huge revenue for your business.

If you’re looking to hire graduates in the near future but are looking for guaranteed world class training to complement their potential then please do get in touch to talk to us about how we might be able to help you on a bespoke level.