Jamie Beaumont

By: Jamie Beaumont




How do you increase the productivity in your sales graduates?

You’re probably sitting there looking at your revenue numbers for the year thinking “we need to get more revenue in somehow”, and for the majority, it’s a task to much with the team that they already have in place. But if you’re working with graduates, you’re more than likely to be working with hidden potential, which is easily extracted if you use the correct methods.

Something easy to forget is that everyone is different, and that by employing graduates, you’re employing a group of individuals who might learn in different ways. What might be right for you might not be right for them. Therefore you have to find a common ground that uses a plethora of different methods to train your graduates in the art of sales.

The first method of training you can use is to find an external trainer to come in and help your graduates. This is usually classroom based and involves all graduates learning during a specific period. If a graduate ‘forgets’ what they have learned, it’s very tough to get your external source back in to retain your graduate. Furthermore, 60% of graduates will forget 40% of all classroom training material within a two week period. Not particularly useful if you’re planning on running a graduate division. So, what other options are there?

Another external training resource to use will be to send your graduate intake out for a training week. This method is actually fairly popular, is not vastly expensive. This is a great way for your team to bond over a period of time as well as train together as a team. Regardless, this effectively takes your graduate team out of the office for a full week giving you a lack of clarity as to what your graduates have learned, as well as being unable to bespoke that training towards your product. Although a good method to use, it’s very rarely effective in the long run, especially for the price it commands.

Finally, you could look towards an internal piece of training software. This software will be used in house to allow your graduates to train together, whilst also allowing them train alone out of hours as well as revisiting their training content. This software will allow all managers who have an invested interest in these graduates, to follow their progress behind the scenes. The training is completed through theory, classroom as well a real life simulations meaning that it caters for the majority of people and how they learn.

Here at Sales Point Graduate Recruitment we specialize is helping graduates achieve their full potential by gifting them with world class training to help them in the business they embark into. Make sure you get the most out of your graduates… call us for a free consult as to why we can help you moving forwards.